About the Central PA Humane Society

All net proceeds benefit the Central PA Humane Society.

Each year the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society takes in over 5,000 animals that have been surrendered, abandoned, or stray.  The reasons that pets end up at the Shelter are many.

Again this year thousands of dogs and cats were surrendered by their owners for various reasons.  The surrendered animals resist our attendant, all the while watching their former owner walk out the door leaving them behind.  This heartbreaking scene is played out every day.  Many more animals are abandoned or are merely released by their owners.

The Shelter’s primary mission is to help find loving homes for adoptable animals.  We reunite lost pets with their owners, accept stray and owned animals, rescue injured animals, work with animal rescue groups, and investigate incidents of animal cruelty.

Other services include a humane trap rental program, vaccination and microchip clinics, education programs in schools, and a low cost spay and neuter program for low income pet owners.  And we never take a day off.  We provide these services every day, year after year.

By no means do all of these stories have sad endings.  We have thousands of touching stories with happy endings. Perhaps you, yourself have a great story too.

The presence of the CPHS is invaluable for the animals that cannot speak for themselves.  But we need the support of our community, because there are more animals than there are homes available. And the cost of providing shelter and medical care is staggering.   We receive no government support.  it’s only through donations and wonderful efforts such as Pints for Pets that we are able to do our job each day and bring some hope to our many “residents”.

The CPHS is not affiliated with any regional or national chapter so all funds raised stay local to benefit our area animals.

Thank you for attending this very worthwhile event to help such a vital cause.

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